Rain Water Harvesting

Mr. R. Jeyakumar is one of the founders of RAJPARIS and he is known for bringing in lateral thoughts and effective marketing strategies into the organization. He has been a strong guiding force behind the company’s success. He remains a pioneer in rain water harvesting and often participates in rain water conservation conferences all round the world. He has gone to Rashtrapati Bhavan for setting forth the importance of rainwater harvesting in our country. He also remains as a guest speaker at the Anna University, Guindy. Mr. R. Jeyakumar holds a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from Anna University, Guindy.

Volunteering by Mr. R. Jeyakumar

Mr. R. Jeyakumar being a Rotary club member and a builder in his own right helped in mobilising funds from the Rotary Club and constructing a filtration-storage-use water harvesting structure of 3000 litre (150 kodams) capacity in Kuil Thottam.

Rainwater harvesting at RAJPARIS

At RAJPARIS, we make sure that our projects are eco-friendly and we try giving back as much as we can to our environment.

Our Rainwater harvesting initiative which is taken care of by our Director, Mr. R. Jeyakumar is also the result of a similar approach. Rainwater harvesting is a technique that involves collection and storage of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks, or the infiltration of surface water into subsurface aquifers. In cities like Chennai where the heat is more and need for water is increasing at a rapid rate, rainwater harvesting is a boon to increase the ground water level.

The rainwater harvesting systems in our projects make sure that all the excess water and rain water are captured and stored effectively so as to increase the ground water table level and avoid water shortage & water logging. With the effective guidance of Mr. R. Jeyakumar and our talented engineers, all our projects have the rainwater harvesting system to benefit the residents.


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